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 Effective web design tailored to small business, community organisations, & projects on a budget.

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Red Planet Design

  • Cutting through the jargon to provide hassle-free WordPress based websites.

  • Specialising in websites for community organisations, small business, artists & photographers.

  • Central location for Sydney & the Eastern Suburbs.

Our Services

  • Well priced website packages & tailored design solutions

  • Website Design with WordPress, Graphic Design & Digital Photography Training Courses 

  • One-on-One lessons in Website Design, Graphic Design & WordPress!

Based out of & supported by the Addison Road Community Centre in Marrickville, Sydney.

Website Presence

from $450
  •  Need a solid presence on the web but you don’t need a great deal of detail – or just need the essentials up now…
  • Ensure that it’s done professionally!
  • Effective design, linked to search engines & social media – working the way you need it to!

Standard with Ecommerce

from $900
  •  Add a fully featured shop to your website!
  • Includes everything in the standard website.
  • Up to 12 products included with the shop setup – with user guides on how to add more as needed!

Customised Websites

from $900
  •  Already have a good idea what you want your website to look like – or know it needs specific functionality such as newsletters, feedback forms, etc.
  • Contact us for quote on how we can help!
NOTE: Pricing is approximate – sometimes a little more – sometimes a little less. We will go through what you need & then give you a fixed price. Check the portfolio page for examples.

Welcome to Red Planet Studios


Red Planet Studios started off from teaching Web Design through TAFE & Community Colleges.

After repeated requests to fix existing sites (and design sites by people unhappy with their previous experiences) we have decided to start our own business…
Utilising our knowledge of what small businesses, community organisations & everyday people need – an effective website to communicate with their target audience.

We are based at & supported by the Addison Road Community Centre in Marrickville, Sydney – and our goal is to cut through the jargon & provide clients with secure, effective websites – along with the tools & knowledge to manage & expand from with some confidence.

Contact us today to find out how we can help.





We will send you out the submission guide to help you organise your ideas & content, and then have our initial meeting to go through the initial site setup.


Site Setup

  • Setup the domain, hosting & emails
  • Install wordpress, professional theme & necessary plugins
  • Receive content from client.
  • Develop sitemap & rough layout

Site Creation

  • Optimise images for theme & load to website
  • Create pages & menus
  • Create initial site layout – fonts, colours, etc.
  • Send for feedback


SEO & Site Launch

  • Site corrections from feedback
  • SEO descriptions, keywords
  • Link up social media accounts
  • Link to search engines
  • Signoff & site launch

What essentials do I need for my website?

What is your website about? First you need a clear idea of what the website is for, ie. I am a plumber in Strathfield and I need a website to connect to potential customers in the local area.

From there, the minimum you will generally need is:

  • your copy (written in short, clear paragraphs);
  • images/media;
  • and a logo is generally a good idea.

Each website package will come with detailed submission guides on how to get your content together, and we will outline the process in the initial design meetings.

What's the difference between a professional CMS site & one built with a 'Website Builder'?

There are many ‘Website Builders’ on the internet these days – which allow you to quickly create a basic website. These come in both free & paid services and generally work by offering a series of templates that you can change the images & text in.
However there tends to be major limitations on what you can alter and the kind of functionality available. They also tend to be ‘closed source’, ie. they do not offer you access to the code, little choices in expanding functionality (or with a major fee) & SEO tends to be very limited (how you will be found in a search engine).

A professionally done CMS based website by comparison can have content & additional functionality added to as needed, you can export the content to new sites, and you can change the whole style without affecting the content.
We utilise the WordPress CMS to create websites – which has a vast array of additional functionality that can be added as needed and is quite straight forward to add additional content once the site is setup.

Do you have your own domain name?

If you already have your own domain name just fill in the details in the submission package.
If you don’t we can obtain it as part of your website package and set it up for an additional $10 fee (plus domain name cost – generally about $13 for standard domains).



Do I need to purchase hosting?

In order to put a website up with your own domain you need to have webhosting – and as we make our websites utilising the WordPress CMS your host needs to to have PHP & MySQL configured. The good news is that almost all webhosting companies offer that these days if you wish to purchase yourself – or already have a hosting package.

If you want hosting that you can control all aspects of – we can set it up for you starting from as little as $45 per year with a solid Australian based hosting company which has solid support (plus $25 setup costs). This will include up to 3 email addresses we setup – but you can then add as many more yourself as needed..
See the Package Deals page for more details.

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